Inkwell Films

Inkwell Films is a production company based in Nashville, TN weaving storytelling into every music video, film or commercial we produce. We're just a bunch of kids that never grew up. Speaking of kids, when Ben was younger, his great grandfather would send him letters with the very pen and inkwell that sits in our office today. That would eventually become the namesake of the company and symbolize an attention to detail that we try to bring to every project. 

We're analog guys and gals living in a digital world. We love to play with 16mm or 35mm film (even though we're not always that lucky). We love knowing we roll out of bed every day as your filmmakers, music video creators or the creatives behind your content.  But, above all, we love people. Let's create something rad together! 




Inkwell Films is based out of Nashville, TN with client relationships nationwide. Let's have a conversation about the story you want to tell. Creating relationships is important to us and we want to prove it to you. Get in touch with us and let's get to work!


The Crew



Ben Skipworth has been a Professional Exaggerator since 1990. He was the weird kid in high school that preferred essays over true false tests. From the time he was old enough to hold a pencil, he's been writing stories. Ben once made a New Year's Resolution to watch a movie every day, making it to October before throwing in the towel. He lives happily ever after with his high school sweet heart, Jessie, and their fur baby, a mini Australian Shepherd named Layla.



Admin/Production Coordinator Jessie Skipworth runs Inkwell Films. Known by her Inkwell boys as "Mama J," she keeps us all in line. Her background as a school teacher brings an incredible amount of organization and detail to her work. You can typically find her on set, paper work in hand or at the office, Snapchatting the shenanigans of the team. Also, Ben's much, much better half. 



The second she walked into our office, we were sold! Jaclyn "Jac" Edmonson is our Associate Producer, but that title is a multiple hat kinda thing around here. She's a writer, director, producer and there's no task to big or small for her to tackle. Her energy is palpable and her talent is immense, so any project "Jac Attack" is on, we know it's in good hands. 



Caleb is the talker and Relationship guy, but his official title is Relationship Director. Most of his time is spent in coffee meetings or on the phone. He'll be the first to admit that you don’t want him holding a camera, but his drive is to build partnerships and fill the video needs of clients.  Give him a call today if you want to talk about a project, or even just to talk to someone --  he will answer!



One of the greatest finds in the history of Inkwell Films, Chris sees our projects to the finish line as our in-house Editor.  The only thing he loves more than his job is anything pertaining to animals. A recent transplant from sunny Florida, he's still getting used to Nashville's fickle weather. If we're cutting something, you better believe Chris is dropping his magic on it!



A recent addition, Patrick aka Patty, brings life to the party. He's Inkwell's Swiss Army Knife. Patty can shoot, edit, produce and act. Due to a recent FBI investigation, he is unable to speak much more of his skill set at this time.