"WITNESS" is our ode to Coen Brothers, "Big Lebowski"


By Benjamin Skipworth 

I've always been obsessed withCoen Brothers films. "Big Lebowski" is for sure in my top-5 and I think it's credible how the entire motivation of The Dude revolves around his desire just to get his rug back. Not everything has to be super serious. Not everything has to have a point. But it can still look pretty ;) Which brings me to ... 

Chris Fenner and I have been buds for a few years now-- following each other's social accounts and mutually admiring work from afar. When I thought this story up, I immediately knew it was the perfect way to bring him on board. I was thrilled that he and I were able to shoot this thing in ONE TAKE on STEADICAM on 16MM FILM. It was crazy and ambitious, but our team was incredible. I can't wait to tell you more about each and everyone of these guys/gals and their amazing talents. 

I could go on and on about how much fun this one was. We'll make sure you stay up-to-date on everything happening with this project. Lloyd Norman, thanks for being my Producer. Pat, Danny and Lane-- thank you for entrusting me with your talents. To my crew-- you are all appreciated more than you'll ever know. Until we share more, think about what would happen if a member of the cartel and a door-to-door witness had a mix up.

Yeah, it gets weird.