One Take Films-- 5 short films, 4 different DPs, 1 day


By: Ben Skipworth

Things. Got. Weird. 

A few months ago, I had this idea pop up that I couldn't shake: what if we told 5 different stories, each in one single take, with a different cinematographer for each film. They'd all be :30-:45 seconds in length and tell enough of the story, but leave you hanging ... I gave my Producer bud, Lloyd Norman, a shout and we immediately bounced into pre-pro. And then said, "Yeah, we're going to do them all in one day." 

Last Saturday, we shot FIVE FILMS in one day. We did it. It was sheer pandemonium, but, somehow, we never got off schedule. We actually even wrapped early! I really wanted these to each have a unique voice, so I pitched the concepts to a few DP friends and was stoked that Elizabeth Olmstead, Matt DeLisi, Chris Fenner and Nyk Allen all came out to shape these beauties. It was such an interesting process. At each location, our crew had to adjust to a new DP's style and get in a flow. I had no previous time to rehearse with the talent, so it was basically having them show up and block/rehearse for an hour. THEN the magic started. 

We were only at each location for 2 hours and I still can't believe we pulled this off. Here's a quick little preview of what's to come. I CAN BARELY BREATHE BECAUSE I'M SO EXCITED TO SHARE THESE WITH YOU (CURRENTLY HYPERVENTILATING): 

HMU- The safe is empty. (DP: Elizabeth Olmstead-- Leads: Patrick Johnson, Caleb Courtney, Chaw Manuel) 

Clarity- A foreman struggles with laying off his workforce. (DP: Matt DeLisi-- Leads: Shayla Humphreys, Mike Neal) 

REDUNDANCY- this guy has had enough kiddie parties. (DP: Chris Fenner-- Leads: Patrick Long, Katie Davis) 

HALF FULL- a girl in a coffeeshop (DP- Nyk Allen-- Lead: Katie Kinney) 

DETECTION- Ouija boards freak them out (DP- Nyk Allen-- Leads: Taylor Johnson, David Hamilton)