Meet our rad intern: Marki Yaccino


Like the famous Casablanca line, "Of all the little gin joints in the world ..." What made you choose to work with Inkwell Films? 

So, a buddy of mine showed me Inkwell Films during class last semester - I think it was the teaser for their short film, “Static". Even from that short preview, I could tell that this company was something special. I hadn’t heard of Inkwell up until then, but after that I was hooked. I watched everything on their website and loved it all! 

What stood out to me the most was how everything from their bio page, down to their short creativity series, was so intentional about cultivating and maintaining a creative environment. That’s the kind company I want to learn from! Even after watching everything they had to offer on their website and Vimeo, I still wanted to see more. I realized the only option I had left was to reach out to them. 

As a college student, you've got the whole world ahead of you. What are you hoping to gain from this internship? 

A lot of people my age get caught up in the stuff that we “need to” do. We have a lot of assignments and projects and goals. In our small liberal arts school, there is a lot of comparing and constant reminders of what we each need to be doing better. I’m hoping to gain experience outside of that school environment and just appreciate how I “get to” spend some time learning about and being surrounded by the things I love. There’s a lot I still need to learn, and I think learning from an intimate environment like Inkwell Films will help me expand my knowledge and pin-point where exactly I belong in the film industry. 

What is one surprising thing most people might not know about you? 

I think you guys will like this.. 

One surprising thing about me is, I’ve never actually had “real” Chickfila before - I’ve only ever had the one that’s on Belmont University’s campus, which I’ve been told is nothing compared to a real Chickfila.  I hope to compare them for myself someday soon. 



You have four brothers. How does your experience dealing with their ridiculousness translate to the shenanigans of the four Inkwell boys? 

Having four brothers has taught me how to embrace all types of ridiculousness. Anything and everything goes with four brothers dominating the household, and because of them I think I’ve learn to be very flexible and patient. One of my favorite things about having so many brothers though is the constant entertainment observing the many bizarre things they say and do. I have a feeling I will be observing some pretty strange things here Inkwell Films as well, and I’m definitely okay with that! Comparing my brothers to the inkwell guys makes meeting and working with super cool people a lot less intimating. I can already tell it’s gonna be a blast!

Favorite director, favorite soundtrack and favorite movie ... and go! 

Favorite director -  Wes Anderson

Favorite movie - The Royal Tenenbaums

Favorite soundtrack - The Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack because Dylan, Lennon AND Paul Simon!!!!

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