Inkwell Director Sam Siske talks collaborating with Clark Beckham


 Clark and I met in High School. We played sports for rival schools and really only knew of each other as opponents. Our junior year, Clark transferred to CCHS. We were like, "Hey, you're a musician. I'm a filmmaker. Let's shoot some Youtube covers and see what happens!"

Fast forward to 2013. We hadn't made a cover video in over a year due to busy schedules and us both being booked on shoots and tours. Somewhere in that time, Clark released a 6 track self-titled EP. I came across the song "Love's Not Fair." I was immediately inspired and wrote a music video treatment in about 30-40 minutes. I called Clark, set up a lunch in Nashville, pitched him the idea and he loved it.  

A month later, with the help of the most amazing crew and the core team that would only weeks later become Inkwell Films, we had a music video for "Love's Not Fair." Watching the completed music video and then looking back over some of our first cover videos, it was pretty cool to see how far we had both progressed in our craft.



 After completing “Love's Not Fair”, he gave me a call and asked if I could be there with his friends and family for his audition in front of the judges in Nashville. I was out of town on a job and wasn't able to make it, but as you know, the judges gave him a ticket to Hollywood and the rest is history.  For me, it was so much fun to watch my buddy from high school take the stage on Tuesday nights and wow judges, audience members, and millions who watched.

 After American Idol wrapped Clark got permission to shoot a couple new cover videos. Cornerstone Church in Nashville was kind enough to allow us out to shoot on their stage. Clark recruited Abbey Smith for a duet and she was incredibly nice enough to come hang out and sing.


 There's so much in store for Clark and I can't wait to see where his journey continues to take him. Right now, Clark is on tour with American Idol. The tour just wrapped up in Florida and will be in Nashville at the historic Ryman Auditorium on Friday night, July 17th. For more information on tickets and tour dates check out