Static- our Best Picture short film

The skinny on the 54 Hour Film Festival HERE.

Filmmakers have 54 hours to concept, script, shoot, edit and deliver a short film. Your team is assigned a genre and must included a predetermined line of dialogue, action and prop handed out by the judges. It’s competitive and a race against the clock! 

STATIC- the inception

Stay tuned for the whole short. We just have a few more film festivals go to! 

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We lacked one line of dialogue from a finished script. It was a dark comedy that we all thought was pretty funny. Then Sam uttered his famous words, “What if? …” The idea changed entirely, but that was okay! We dug the idea of an older couple living out their last moments on earth, relishing the peace and tranquility of their own home—even if the world outside was chaotic. I’d personally like to believe that the human race would step back and smell the roses instead of looting and pillaging the streets. Static evolved from a 1 AM end of the world idea. 

Even though Static was turned in an hour late, it was still eligible to win Best Picture as voted by the audience. The film earned 35 Aperture Points (Top 3 votes: #1-3pts., #2- 2 pts., #3- 1 pt.) We not only took home Best Picture, but were nominated in 11 out of 12 categories including; Best Picture (Critic’s Choice), Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Direction, Best Writing, Best Cinematography, Best Art Design, Best Editing, Best Wardrobe, Best Sound Design and Best Hair and Makeup. 

Here’s what the judges had to say about Static: 

“Great picture and acting – reflects true life.”


“ I’ve only gotten to Static so far, but that is my favorite. Amazing. Nothing else has come close.”


Static: This was the best film in the timed competition. Something new, and easy to relate to even if we’ve never been in those circumstances.” 


“Static was very well shot, made you think and captured emotions that made me feel like I was there in that situation.”

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