HOUSE SHOW-- An incredible evening with Marc Scibilia and Drew Holcomb


Dir: Jeff Venable

Prod: Larry Beckwith, Ally Venable, Ben Skipworth, Jessie Skipworth

Passion tends to exude from some people. It's palpable from the second they step into the room. When Ally Venable first told us about Houseshow, we were immediately drawn to the concept. Ally + team's aesthetic was so different than the other live productions we've seen and been to. That's just it-- it wasn't really a production at all, instead, it would be VIBES FOR DAYS. A few weeks later, we were hanging out with the other EP on the project, Larry Beckwith. Not only was he throwing out wisdom bombs, but he was rocking Tri-color Adidas NMDs, so we knew it was going to be a pairing made in heaven. Before we could blink, we were sitting in this amazing loft producing the first ever Houseshow. As equally amazing was the fact that Director Jeff Venable and his wife Ally would be the new power couple on the scene. 

This was our first time really dabbling into the world of producing a live show with a content capture and we had an absolute blast. From the location to the artists to the crew, the night was flawless. Marc Scibilia and Drew Holcombe and the Neighbors played to an energetic, intimate crowd and left us speechless. There will be more updates to follow and more content to share, but, for now, just know that Nashville isn't all country music anymore. People like Ally and Larry are building a unique culture around the music scene here in town, so be on the lookout for what's in store from Houseshow! And, hey, you may have friends with an "in" that can get you in ;) 

Jameson Elder