"Rite of Passage"-- our monster film is nearing completion!


ORCHESTRA DAY IS HERE!! Our short film, "RITE OF PASSAGE," is being scored in NYC. Our amazing composer, Dan Teicher, creates absolute MAGIC, so we're amped to see what he pulls off. Ben decided to not place any temp music or foley into our cut and truly let these artists do what they're good at. Dan handed us over 45 minutes of original composition. That was cut down to 3 custom scores. From there, Ben made choices that combined those roughs into one final track. 

Now, Dan takes the studio with musicians ready to track those compositions. At this point, we are so freaking close to the finish line. Jeremiah Nave will complete sound design, Joel Robertson will do a few VFX shots and we are creating a miniature spaceship this week as well! It's a busy time pushing this one through, but we're so excited for you folks to check this one out. We really think it's something special. 


Jameson Elder